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Singapore Autocount Customization

Software customization is not just about developing an application, it is also necessary to delve into the business requirements to understand the requirements. This is the reason why people should prefer custom software to off-the-shelf software, software customization is more important than you might think. Our custom software is a suite of comprehensive business software with accounting system. Our commitment is to product quality and excellence while providing a high level of customer service and technical support. We provide solution that improves efficiency, profitability and productivity. Our target is to eliminate all your redundant job by providing this all in one customized software application.
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While jogging a enterprise you constantly seem to be for software program that helps you in reaching your dreams and measure your growth. It may also show up that off-the-shelf software program may additionally no longer furnish the correct consequences which you are searching for to set your desires and measure overall performance due to the fact such software(s) are developed thinking about the ordinary business problems.

With customized software program improvement this is now not the case. It ensures desirable commercial enterprise management. When you employ a customized software program improvement corporation for your software program project, the improvement group makes positive that every and each and every requirement is taken into account and furnish you the answer that solves all the essential commercial enterprise troubles which is a roadblock to your success. Thus, the use of the custom-made software program robotically improves your commercial enterprise overall performance and permits you to sketch your futuristic desires relying on the statistics the software program provides.

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Cybercrimes have viewed a top-notch amplification these days. However, off-the-shelf software does provide protection measures however nevertheless there are possibilities of fact stealing given that cloud servers are no longer secure from hackers. But, when it comes to customized software, the builders use complicated algorithms which are tough to destroy via hackers. Moreover, as science is advancing, safety facets are getting stronger day by means of the day.

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Running an enterprise is no longer easy. You additionally understand how tough it is to live to tell the tale in the commercial enterprise world if you don’t have the terrific resource. For instance; the inclination closer to online purchasing used to be the foremost cause of shutting down of numerous retail and wholesale shops.

Just as eCommerce diminished the cost of bodily stores, your rivals can also convey you down if you don’t get adaptive with the technology. Business is primarily based on an easy principle- “Survival of the fittest”. If your enterprise is no longer adaptable, it won’t live to tell the tale of the competition. Zomato, Swiggy, and Foodpanda are the largest rivals of every different however nonetheless they compete because they are adaptive to technology. Thus, constructing a customized software program now not solely streamlines the enterprise but additionally helps you part over the competitors.


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Why I can’t make AutoCount Accounting to use the Microsoft SQL Express I downloaded from Microsoft web site?

The best way to install Microsoft SQL Express is to install from AutoCount Accounting CD.

Why my server name is mostly specified as <ServerName> \A2006, why it is not <ServerName>?

This is because if you installed SQL Server from AutoCount Accounting CD, we will always install it as A2006 instance name.

How do I add exception to Windows Firewall?

By default, if you install SQL Express using AutoCount Accounting CD, the setup program will automatically add exceptions to your Windows Firewall, so you don’t have to do anything in order to allow other PC to connect to the server. However, if you found it not working, you can run a program called SQLUtility which is available in the AutoCount Accounting CD to help you add exceptions to Windows Firewall.

How do I add open third party anti-virus or anti-spam software firewall?

Please refer to the documentation or online help of the software for how to do it.

How to restore without backup after I had formatted my PC?

You can save AutoCount Accounting Data folder at drive C before format your PC. Once you had formatted your PC and reinstall AutoCount Accounting, you can go to File, select Manage Account Book and click on Attach Database File. Click on Get Available Server to select your PC server which is in this format, your computer name/A2006. Then, browse at Physical Data File column and select file from AutoCount Accounting folder. Click OK once you had selected the file.

Can I transfer my master data such as customer, supplier, and item data from UBS to AutoCount Accounting?

Yes, you can do it in AutoCount Accounting Management Studio. To transfer data from UBS, you can go to Data Upgrade tab and select either UBS Accounting 9.1 or UBS Stock 9.1. To complete data transfer, you can click on Browse to specify your UBS data folder, select Import Option (Import Items, Import Debtors, Import Creditors or Import Past Year Price History Record) and click Import.

When I install AutoCount Accounting, why do I get an error message similar to this message: Error 1935. An error occurred during the instllation of assembly “DevExpress. XtraRichText Edit.v7.1, Version=”″, PublicKeyToken=”79868b8147b5eae4″, culture-‘neutral,” HRESULT=0x8002802 ?

This is because the PC has not installed Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.

What is a document?

A document in AutoCount Accounting means a transaction used for recording data which occurred at a specific date. The standard documents in AutoCount Accounting consists of G/L documents, A/R documents, A/P documents, Sales documents, Purchase documents, Stock documents, and Manufacturing documents.

How to ensure that different users access to different grid layout?

Right click any column, go to Column Chooser to customize grid layout. You can add / remove by drag-drop the column. Then, right click any column and select Save Grid Layout. Right click again any column and select Layout Manager. Here, you can assign different layout for different users at Assign Layout to Users tab.

 I had created new invoice. When I wanted to edit it, a dialog box pop up indicated that “Access right denied” What should I do?

This means you are not allowed to use the function. If you really want to use the function, you should consult your AutoCount administrator to give you the access right.

How do I grant access rights to a user?

If you have administrator right, you can go to General Maintenance and select User Maintenance. To change access right setting, select Access Rights button. On the Access Rights tree list, find your access right, then tick the users you would like to add to, then click Apply button.

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